Ceuta Healthcare - Partner for the Dutch Market

About Ceuta Healthcare:

The Ceuta Healthcare International Alliance offers the best global outsourcing solution in the world of Health and Beauty the award-winning International Alliance network is the leading sales, marketing and logistics outsource service provider to the Health and Beauty industry.

CERTIFIED ISO 13485:2016

At TheOTCLab, our pursuit of quality is not limited to the operational level but is valued at every level of our business. Our Quality Management System is ISO 13485:2016 certified, for medical devices only, which is based on current industry and regulatory concepts for a modern quality management system, ensures that quality is fully integrated into our global business processes.

Why do we have this focus on quality? The answer is simple: we want to ensure that every product of TheOTCLab, no matter where in the world it is produced, meets the high expectations for safety and effectiveness.


For more efficient cooperation with its customers, TheOTCLab exchanges article data via a central data pool and orders are processed through EDI.


Neprofarm is the Dutch Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Self-Care Medicines and Health Products, and represents the interests of manufacturers and importers of registered branded medicines that are available without a prescription.