Packshot ShortEeze Orange and Eucalyptus

ShortEeze® - Fast acting lozenges for a powerful immune boost

ShortEeze is a new immune support supplement that contains a unique blend of four powerful elements: vitamins, minerals, active plant extracts and postbiotics to provide extra support when needed most. 

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Dr. Yglo® - Easy to use treatment for warts and verrucas

Dr. Yglo is a new and easy-to-use freeze treatment for warts and verrucas. It will help you get rid of warts and verrucas by offering an easy-to-use, safe and effective treatment at home. Dr. Yglo® is based on cryotherapy which is considered the fastest and one of the most effective treatments for warts.

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Dr. Yglo is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FungeX® - Get rid of Nail Fungus

FungeX Nail Fungus Plaster is a “revolutionary” medical device that provides an effective and intensive treatment for nail fungus and discolored deformed (toe)nails.

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Kidsner® - We care about your kids

We are Kidsner and we care about your kids. Hay fever, lice or a sore throat.. unfortunately kids sometimes suffer from these everyday health issues.

With Kidsner we love to make everybody a little happier. That’s why we developed dedicated OTC products, specialized for kids, who reduce the symptoms in a natural, non-toxic way. Every product is perfectly safe and easy to use.

Now everybody gets a good night of sleep!

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earClin® - Clean ears for the whole family!

​EarClin prevents infections and improves your hearing: use the soapy solution in earClin to simply flush out excess ear wax.​ ​Complete your family’s personal hygiene routine by using ​earClin to clean the ear canals.

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MENORELAX® - The expert during the menopause

Menorelax effectively treats and prevents common symptoms of menopause, encountered by millions of women around the world.

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BITENER® - Anti-Nail Bite - Clinical Nail Care

BITENER® is a topical, clinical nail care formulation. BITENER® effectively helps to break the habit of nail biting and stimulates healthy nail growth with only one application a day.

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